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Are you from the LGBTQ+ community and feel pressured into a heterosexual marriage? Here’s how you can seek help.

If you haven’t come out to your parents or family yet about your sexual orientation, it can be challenging for you to avoid the topic of heterosexual marriage? How do you tell your parents that you’re not into heterosexual marriage but rather prefer something nonbinary and non-conforming?   Do you even have to tell your parents that or is there…

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Why understanding the Chinese Yin Yang philosophy will benefit you in any relationship?

The Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang and the underlying Taoist philosophy has been preached by many love experts across the world. This philosophy has also been propagated by people who have been happily married for over 50 years! Surely, there is something special about this philosophy that has ensured people are speaking about it for so many years! According to…

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