Here are 10 things to consider when you tie the knot with someone.

Here are 9 things to consider when you tie the knot with someone

1. Do you and your partner have clarity about long-term goals and expectations from each other? Long-term goals influence long-term relationships.

2. Do you and your partner have alignment on wanting children or not wanting them? Do you share the same ideas of values you want to raise your kids with? This is a strong topic couples tend to argue over and you might not want to get into arguments about this in the future.

3. Does your partner’s family give you space or intrude in your personal matters? Things could be the same or get worse after marriage when it’s difficult for you to break out of the relationship. A family background and value check are as important as your partner’s background check on values.
4. Does your partner have a stable career to make independent decisions or are they tied up in their family business and cannot make their own financial decisions? It’s important to be a part of good financial decisions around you. Moreover, it’s important to have a partner who can make financial decisions independently. Often in family business scenarios, people cannot make their own decisions.
5.  Is your partner supportive of you doing things by yourself? It’s crucial to find someone who supports you in doing things by yourself and experiencing the joys of life. Your independence should fuel your partner, not threaten them.
6. Is your partner open to feedback and healthy criticism? Are they open to changing themselves and experiencing growth? It’s crucial to have a partner who is willing to change and grow when the right moment comes. We cannot all be the same versions of ourselves at different points in our life. It’s crucial to find a partner who supports your growth by opening themselves to grow as well.
7. Does your partner have bad habits that you dislike? Have you had a conversation with them about it yet? How can you talk to them and share your honest feelings about it? Everyone has some habits that tick other people off. It’s crucial, to be honest, and share those habits with your partner so that they know what habits are ticking you off. This will also give them the opportunity to change themselves.
8. Is your partner okay with spending time by themselves? Do they constantly need people around them and are using people as an escape or do they genuinely love people around them? This is a very important question. Most often people are using other people as an escape from their own life. It’s crucial to understand if your partner really loves you or is merely using you to escape from other things in life.
9. Is your partner honest with you or merely trying to fuel your ego? This is an important question that you must answer for yourself. An honest partner might hurt your feelings but cause you to change yourself for the better. A partner who is saying good things to make you feel better might help you in the short term but not enough in the long term. In a relationship, the long term matters more than the short term.

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