5 Modern date ideas. Read these and thank us later.

Modern date ideas are all we need in 2023 for date planning. Going to the movies or for lunch at a restaurant has now become boring. We need something more creative for a first date to ensure things kick off well and we make memories for a lifetime. As they say, if it starts well, it’s a good beginning. 

Here are some cool first-date ideas that will set a good course for things to follow. 

1. Cycle around your city – What’s better than walking around together or going out for a car trip? Take a sustainable biking trip around the city and cycle your heart out. You can keep it low key and simple to let your inner child out and bond with each other. While something extravagant may feel more date-like, a simple bonding session over a cycling trip helps. And you both also get some fresh air on the way.

2. Volunteer together to connect more meaningfully – You can also plan your first date around something meaningful, be it a beach clean up or an awareness drive. Doing something meaningful together can create some core memories and play a role in making you aware about your potential partner’s beliefs. You will also be able to see their compassionate side and reveal your own while creating a good impact on this world.

3. Sip and paint – You don’t have to be the best artist in the world to try this. You can be just good enough. Attend a sip and paint session so you can enjoy each other’s company while unleashing your creative side. It’s a good idea to bond over art and a good glass of wine. A dreamy date indeed. 

4. Go to a local market together – There is something charming about local and cute markets. You don’t have to visit a fancy shopping mall for a first date or eat at an expensive restaurant. You could do something simple like visit a local handicrafts market and see things you haven’t seen before. You could also visit an antiques market and talk about the old heritage items in the stores. It’s an interesting conversation for the first time and surely something you will remember for a good time to come. Don’t forget some local street coffee or a good cuppa chai to bond over. 

5. Watch a theater performance – Most people choose something easy like a movie for a first date. However, there is a little charm to that. You could watch a play at a theater together and bond over that to truly connect over the little things in life. Watching people perform live and seeing their emotions on stage is a completely different awe-inspiring experience. Imagine – you will have so much to talk about after the first date! 

Let us know in the comments which of these you tried and how you enjoyed your first date! Share your date ideas with us too!

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