Does manifestation work? How to make it work in your favour?

A lot of people ask us at MatchMe, does manifestation work? The simple answer is yes! However, it’s not like magic how most people imagine it to be. Manifestation is almost like science as explained by master manifestor Neville Goddard. He explained how visualization and imagining can play a crucial role in creating a better life. According to Neville, we are all capable of manifesting and creating the world around us. The best-selling book, “The Secret” also highlights how we can “Think, Believe and Receive”. It’s possible because if we can think it and believe it, we will act in a way to attract the very thing. Therefore, we will also receive it.

Now, if it works. How do we make manifestation work in our favor? We must imagine the best possible outcome for us to ensure that the best takes place in our life. Moreover, a lot of people expect manifestation to give results quickly but just like the Earth takes time to spin on its axis and complete a day, manifestation has its own way of working that is not known to us. We must be patient and give it time to work out. Quick results are the biggest myth in this world. You cannot do an action only for one day and expect the results the very next. Manifestation takes time.

A key way to make manifestation work is by putting in time to visualize the outcome we are seeking. Only when we have clarity on the outcome will we be able to work towards it and attain a goal. However, if we don’t have clarity, we won’t be able to attract what we are seeking. Manifestation works with relationships as much as with goals. If you have clarity that you want to take a year-end trip to Maldives with your partner, you will work towards it and save for the rest of the year to make it happen. However, if you don’t have clarity on it, you will not be able to work and make it happen. It’s crucial to have clarity and approach everything in a scientific way. It’s crucial to plan steps ahead to ensure things go right and happen in time. We cannot jump from step one to step ten. We must take it a step at a time toward our goal.

Hence, manifestation when broken down is nothing but clarity and logical planning. If we plan and make it happen, it’s possible. If we subconsciously believe something is possible, we give it our best to make it happen. What is it that you want to manifest? Use a paper and pen and clearly jot down all the details. Make it happen.

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