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The Busy Bees

We understand the struggle. You are well accomplished, well settled, independent and having the best life can offer but with one thing amiss - having your life partner. It maybe coz of the time constraints of your career or lack of opportunities to meet people or maybe just not finding the right people.

Till the time you find that one perfect person, we at MatchMe take that initiative to introduce you to like-minded people.

Where is Mr./Ms. Right?

Many wonder and fail to understand the reason for not meeting the one for them. The curated services that we provide is to help solve that. To know and understand you as an individual and your exact requirements for a life partner.

This helps us in knowing you needs better and finding someone suitable to fill that gap.

modern matchmaking in India
modern matchmaking in delhi

Concerned Parents

Often the parents are burdened with the task of finding the right match for you. Resulting in interaction with traditional match-makers and references of friends and family. This may not be the right fit for you.

Here, we serve as a medium to know the prospective match for you personally, understanding theirs and the family character and lifestyle and accordingly proceed with our search and scanning process to get you the right match.

Never too late

Time passed is not a constraint to find the perfect match for you. Some of you may have gone through a bad marriage or relationships and maybe finding it difficult to settle down again. Some may even feel they’ve crossed the “right” age or time. MatchMe knows that is not the case, we help in getting that one right partner for you regardless of your age or any rough past relations.

The process of finding your life partner is ongoing, till the time you meet that one right person in life. We help you overcome your hesitations and position matches in a way to assure the right match for you.

personal matchmaking in India
personalised matchmaking Service in india

Hands-on Counseling

We are there for you every step of the way. Our process is designed to prepare an individual as such that he/she is better equipped with the idea of marriage, relationship building and foundation for a healthy marriage.

Many individuals mat not relate to the concept of marriage, some may not ready to settle down and others may have their own doubts. These sessions are there to help give a better insight to an individual, understand their respective needs and increase one’s readiness to find a suitable life partner.

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