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Our name is the mirror into the idealogy with which we have started our organization. We are an exclusive boutique matrimonial service for well established Indian individuals all across the globe who believe in the institution of marriage. Our objective is to connect two individuals together, for a bond of a lifetime, who share common values, beliefs, interests and ultimately feel they are compatible with each other for marriage. We believe in treating our clients with utmost trust and integrity extending all efforts towards bringing two compatible individuals as well as families together in matrimony. Our method is engrained in helping our clients be a partner in their journey to finding their perfect match.

Our Founders, Tania and Mishi bring with them a fresh & modern approach to the traditionally drab and occasionally mideaval world of matchmaking. Our team seeks to celebrate your individuality while connecting you with one who celebrates theirs. This allows us to be the ONLY service that most of our clients stick to, with no need for a second opinion. An open mind, helps our clients to commit to filling the gap that exists in traditional matchmaking. Using our founder’s corporate experience, we bring ahead a systematic, psychologically tested and insightful approach to MatchMe. As a team of young, married professionals, MatchMe intimately understand the role that compatibility, understanding, love and respect play in a happy marriage.

The modern reality is of being constantly bombarded with information and choices, with little to no filteration. To combat the same, MatchMe seeks to curate that information and those choices to help you narrow your search for your life partner. We use our in-depth, personalized approach, alongside our inhouse technology and team to understand your priorities and then use that information to match you with the right one.

Together with hope and passion let's celebrate the story of each one of us and give ourselves a chance to experience our journey ' For a Lifetime' with MatchMe!

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