3 Reasons To Keep Your Relationship Off Social Media

In today’s day and age, social media is a big part of our lives, which leads to us sharing a considerable amount of information that is mostly fun, attractive and important to us. When you are in love, especially when the love is new, a huge part of your being consists of the person you’re with. And you end up sharing our outings, vacations, your “major missing” as well as the mundane selfies on the gram. It may seem harmless to share your relationship with hundreds and thousands of your followers, but really is it? Here are a few reasons why keeping your relationship private is a boon –

  1. External validation will fulfil you is a myth – Do you think your grand proposal to your partner matters to your elementary school friend whom you haven’t seen in years? Of course not. Validation from your Instagram followers won’t satisfy your partner or your relationship, but how you and your partner actually feel about each other and in the relationship will surely do. Keeping your relationship off social media will help you and your partner be more in tune with each other and your feelings, not what others think about it.
  2. Think again, are you oversharing? – some moments in your life, especially with your partner, are sacred and special. When you think about what next you can post to show your followers how cute and perfect your relationship is, you lose that special moment trying to capture the “gram-worthy” pictures, when in reality you should be actually enjoying and living in the moment. Some things are better kept that way.
  3. Settling arguments online is a bad idea – every couple goes through disagreements and fights. It’s natural when two people with different backgrounds come together in a union. But posting about it on social media is not going to solve any of it. Instead, it will do more of the same. While doing so, just imagine how you will feel if your partner does it with you. So solve the arguments in real-time, face-to-face and keep it off social media.

Always remember “It’s more peaceful when it’s private” and move with that mindset for a healthy and happy love life.

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