Wedding- The Eternal Bond of Your Life

Every relationship needs a name. If you love someone truly, you would definitely prefer to give your bond a name, and that’s why people get married. When two souls decide to walk together, to face all ups and downs of life together, they decide to get married. Marriage is that type of bond which you don’t want to break ever. Yes, there are certain circumstances when two should start walking on opposite direction and dragging a meaningless relationship becomes only a burden. If so, ending it will be the only option.

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But, why to take your beautiful relationship to such phase? Remember, how much happy you were when you two get wedded. How many plans were there for the big day and how much effort you put to get your family’s consent? You can’t put all those golden days and moments at stake. Take care of your relationship from the first day of marriage. Maybe you two have met through exclusive matrimonial services, but you must have known each other a bit before marriage. If you find anything wrong with each other, talk about it. If you think you haven’t met the right person till now, don’t agree with marriage, no matter how much your family members tell you. Rather, try to convince them to listen to your point of view. Tell them you won’t be happy, and that will make them unhappy for the rest of your life. It is your life; you can’t take a chance with it.

If there are problems in arranged marriages, the love marriages may not always end up like fairy tale stories. There are several incidents that both the girl and the boy have known each other for long, and still, they are having issues after marriage. Why do certain things happen? Why there are complications in a marital bond? Actually, all relationships are complicated. Don’t you fight with your parents or friends? But, again you solve those and the only key to the solution is an adjustment.


In marriage, you may need to make a little bit more adjustment. Obviously, you can only do it until you do not have any serious problem. For example, you always prefer short outings on the weekend, but your husband has invited some of your relatives to dinner at one weekend. You can arrange that house party instead of snap at your hubby. Rather, if you ask him to give a hand to you, both of you can spend beautiful time at home. So, there will be upheavals, but you need to learn how to walk.

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