Priorities post pandemic – meaningful connections is the way to go..

No matter where you come from, elders dishing life lessons at family dinners is a phenomenon no one escapes. Their favourite one directed at “marriageable” singles often goes something like ” You can’t live your life alone! ” Successful Millenials never took that advice seriously as they were busy travelling the world, swiping right and mingling with new people with a click of a button. They thought those age-old rules would not apply to them because the world has changed too much.

Then came 2020.

It was a treacherous time that still has not left our lives completely. No doubt, things were negative aplenty, but the positive impact it had on people is noteworthy. It made people sit up and take stock of what is crucial in their lives, reset their priorities and work towards achieving long term goals.

The lockdowns were particularly harsh for those who live sans family. The loneliness and confinement made them re-look at the need for true companionship that only a life partner can provide. The short term and long term effects on their mental health due to this forced isolation shook everyone.

The fence-sitters, the commitment phobics and the naysayers now all seem to gravitate towards one conclusion.


The time to welcome a long term relationship is here.


Research from many of the world’s top dating apps and websites have indicated changes in online dater’s behaviour too. Rather than swiping right on any person based on physical and superficial attributes, users are increasingly exercising caution, moving slowly and leading with their core values. Over a quarter of those surveyed confirmed that change in their preferences came about due to last year’s experiences. Furthermore, the data reveals that daters are two times as likely to say the pandemic made them want to settle down earlier than they may have once thought.

Whilst everyone is worried about physical well-being, matters of the heart need ample attention too. No one on this planet can predict whether this dark cloud is over or if it will mutate and rear its ugly head again.

The importance of having that special someone to hold your hand on particularly gloomy days is not lost on the current crop of singles.


So if you are someone who has finally decided that the time for mindless dating is over and wants to find a partner, the journey must begin with you. Look inwards and do some serious introspection to figure out what you want in life. As they say, if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. Think about what your life will look like with your partner and your family. Focus on what will bring joy into your lives and not momentary happiness. If you need help clearing the fog, we can always help you along the way!

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