Second Marriage – A New Lease of Life

For most people, their wedding day is one of the happiest days of their lives. They wear their fineries, make merry and vow to always be together in the presence of their friends and family. People want and work towards their happily ever afters, but sometimes life has other plans. One either reaches a point where they themselves choose to part ways with their partner or tragically lose them under circumstances that are completely out of their control. The pain one experiences in either situation is life-altering, and as cliché as it might sound, the only wise option is to mourn the loss and move on.

Moving on doesn’t only mean getting back to the daily grind, it also means making way for love to re-enter your life. Easier said than done, many would say and they wouldn’t be wrong. One’s emotional upheaval aside, not so long ago divorce, was a highly stigmatized subject and, widowers were considered as ones bearing bad luck and treated with disdain. The prospect of them getting married again was either never breached or was met with judgment.


Marrying again wasn’t viewed as rehabilitation of the individual and fulfilling their need for companionship but assigned sinister intentions stemming from selfishness.


All that, thankfully, has changed for not just big town folks but across the board. There is a tectonic shift in the way second marriages are viewed in our society today.

More and more people are open to the idea of starting anew and not staying alone or in toxic relationships that might do more harm to their family unit than good. Families too are encouraging of such individuals in their desire to find love again. Matters get complicated when children are involved, but the tide is turning in favour of people who want to lead wholesome lives.

Though the pool that a divorcee or widower can dip into indeed is those of other divorcees and widowers, but the usual hangups about caste, creed, etc., recede in the background. Such individuals are quite practical with their needs and choices and look beyond their vanities to find someone who can bring love and companionship back into their lives.

The current crisis of Covid has left many families incomplete with a gaping void that they shouldn’t have to live with. The need for our society, as a whole, is to come together and help such people find some semblance of normalcy and supporting them to find love when they are ready.

Today the world has become smaller, and there are a plethora of opportunities to discover and re-invent oneself. No – marriage isn’t the be-all and end-all and one can indeed find fulfillment in a lot of things, but the joy of sharing that with a partner is un-matchable. The only thing to remember is to be open to the idea of love, and it will find a way to find you!


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