Looking Good or Good Looking – What’s important?

This year marks 20 years of K3G (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam to the uninitiated, a massive Bollywood success). One of the breakout performances of the movie was Kareena Kapoor as Poo, and who can forget the iconic scene where she announces her three criteria for taking a boy to the prom. Good looks, good looks & good looks!

Are looks important? For sure! Physical attraction is one of the basic tenets for a relationship to be successful, but the question is how important.

Not everyone is like Poo – she believed it, and she said it. Most men and women who approach matchmaking place a lot of significance on physical appeal but do not articulate it and reject proposals purely on that basis.

If you think the old trope of tall, rich and handsome and slim, fair and beautiful is a thing of the past, you are highly mistaken, dear reader. Girls, who probably haven’t seen the insides of a salon or a gym, notwithstanding COVID, of course, want a masculine man with a great body and a promising career and the same applies to men too!

Attraction is a complicated thing. Your physical appearance is probably the starting point for any chemistry to develop, but sometimes, it truly blooms due to someone’s sense of humour, chivalry or even kindness. Physical appearance may light the proverbial spark, but as we say – love or a long term relationship should be like a slow flame – warm present and everlasting, not a flashy spark – that’s exciting but temporary.

It is ideal for someone to accept you for who you are, but life is about growth and change.

Be the best version of yourself – mind and body.

Not taking care of oneself is, first and foremost, a great disservice to yourself! People have made movies, reality shows and created enough pop culture content about how wearing good clothes, being well-groomed and, in general, putting in some effort can take your confidence to the next level.

So, if you think you are overweight due to unhealthy eating habits or a sedentary lifestyle, start making some changes. Do some research online about the kind of clothes that look good for your body type. Find influencers on the gram that you find stylish. These are low hanging fruits that can take your confidence and overall appeal up a few notches. If that’s too much effort, hire professionals who can nudge you in the right direction!

Not showering for days unto the end and wearing dirty sneakers that are about to fall apart might have added to your rebel without a cause vibe in college, but let’s face it, we have all grown up. If you are reading this, you are potentially moving towards some serious adulting, and ALL that requires that you make some legitimate changes.

Looking good doesn’t mean being conventionally good looking. Putting your best foot forward and showing your potential partner that you are willing to make efforts for them will not only make a mighty first impression but a long-lasting one too!

So what are you waiting for! Get moving!

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